Who is Allie ?!?

Well I am a 28 years old French Woman and it’s been 4 years that I am in London now. 6 months ago I started a youtube channel called “A Cupcake in London” which is a beauty channel with a hint of a lifestyle twist and even more surprises. But on the top of that I wanted to get back to my first love : Blogging.

I work in retail but on my free time I do like to play with make up, beauty products, taking pictures and baking. In this blog which is more a lifestyle blog than anything you will find articles mainly about make up, baking and fashion. But from time to time I also like to review books, movies, tv show or put together some DIY.

So that is who I am a bubbly curvy blonde with a lot of things to say.

Oh I am also married to the most lovable husband in the world and he is also part of the adventure, trust me you will see him around!

Disclaimer : acupcakeinlondon.com is part of my youtube channel, but to make a difference between youtube and blogging I have decided to name my blog “Cotton Candy Allie” – Why this name ? Because I am (I think!) sweet, colorful and simply because I love cotton candy, a childhood favorite πŸ˜‰

XOXO Allie


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