Tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara Review


TARTE | Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara

This was I believe the first thing I wanted when my Mom was in a Sephora in the US and asked me my wishlist. I have seen so many reviews, tutorials, blogpost and youtube videos about it that like a little sheep I was brain washed and wanted it so badly.

My pleasure was at the most when I finally was holding it in my hands. The packaging is gorgeous, the product is luxurious and the formula is promising. But sadly, it didn’t work for me. It is an expensive mascara and honestly I was crushed. I wanted to love it and be my best friend but at the end and after two weeks of trial I have to surrender and get back to what truly works for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was so much featured on the Beauty world that it is a good mascara so I am not going to say “It is terrible, don’t waste your money, bla bla bla”. No, it is one of those products that is good but not suitable for me, like it or not I have to deal with it. Now I am going to explain you why in 3 simple bullet points (kind of).

1. The wand is too straight for my lashes.

My lashes are naturally short, straight and very light in color. Which means that it is a pain to find a good mascara. Usually, I need a curvy wand but my hopes were very high when I was watching tutorials on youtube. It is really hard to actually not make my lashes clump and stick together no matter what I do. The wand shape doesn’t suit my eye lashes curve and I should have checked that prior my Beauty craves !

2. The formula is way too heavy

“A lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning mascara infused with olive esters to condition, treat, and protect lashes. “

I do believe that there is something in the formula that doesn’t work for me. I have checked the different ingredients in my trusty favorite mascaras (ndlr the maybelline lash sensational) and there is always a low wax count and that formula features a heavy rice bran wax and I think it is the reason why. It is volumizing though but too heavy and uncomfortable. My usual mascara are more wet and liquid and that is a major different.

3. Maybe I am doing it all wrong !

” Wedge the wand at the base of lashes and pull out in a zigzag motion to the tipóthat way you get every last lash.”

I do not use anything to curl my lashes and I do not prime my lashes and the reason is because I am loosing way too many on a daily basis. I have always been like that and it is very difficult to use a lot of lashes products. Maybe I should zigzag a little bit more and curl them before. The thing is I want it to be an easy step not something I need to work for.

Now I am not going to toss it away and let’s be realistic it is 21$ mascara so I am going to show it some love. When I pair it with another mascara and if I use false lashes it works fine. But I am gutted and very disappointed. I love Tarte and again it is a very good mascara just not for me. Thanks God out of the 4 products I got from that brand only this one was a fail so silver linings guys.



Collection #Blush and Glow Palette


Collection #Blush and Glow Palette

This palette is a Gem. Lately I have been so surprised with every new products from Collection. Cheap, amazing quality and so different from any other UK brand.

This palette is made of 4 different shades. You get a matte bronzer, matte pink blusher, shimmering pink blusher and a neutral highlighter. A perfect combo on the go or to add to your collection at home.


As you can see the swatches are quite pigmented and I like the fact that it can suit different skin tone. The bronzer is not orange at all and the highlighter universal and very discrete.

I love the blushes, quite simple but for a daily make up it is all that you need and I love that the blush on the bottom left has a brown undertone. Very pretty for a winter look or for darker skin.

The formula is not powdery and very easy to blend.  The highlighter is a very great match for me, beware a lot of shimmers are involved in the formula but once on the skin very pretty and glowy.

The packing is very simple and there is no mirror, again it is quite rare for Collection. The aim is to make affordable but yet quality make up so if you don’t put the money in the packaging it means that every single penny goes to the formulation of the products itself. For me it is the most important and I quite like the sleek black square box. Frankly, it looks like a fancy chocolate box.

Overall for £4.99 it is totally worth it and it can be a great gift for someone into make up. It is safe and the tones are for everybody. I love when make up is simple and good. So go get yourself one of those palette they are on offer NOW in Boots.




BIRCHBAG | All that Glimmers | December 2015


BIRCHBAG | All that Glimmers | December 2015

So for the second time of the year we are getting a bag and I like when they change the rules and it is a good balance, the last one was for summer and this one for Christmas. I am just not really into the design of the bag. To be honest it is very tacky and feels cheap. I would have preferred something more Christmas with candy cane or stars. But I like the effort.

The selection inside is quite good and finally I get to try new brands. The Ciate nail polish is calling to me !


BENEFIT| Ultimate Party Kit | £5.45
Benefit Puff off! And They’re real Push-up liner

I have to say that even if we are receiving all the time Benefit samples well I am never tired. I have never tried those two and I am very excited about the Puff Off! If it works I would probably get the full size. It is a very nice kit for Christmas time. Not to mention that it is pretty rare to get two Benefit products at the same time.

MODELCO | Ultra long lasting lipstick in Smitten | £15.50

Truth to be told when they were giving away sneak peak couple of weeks ago about a full size item I wasn’t expecting that. Model Co is not my favourite brand. I was never impressed and it is very pricy. The colour looks nice but a tiny bit dark for me. It claims to be a semi Matt and I usually don’t go for that. I was also a bit disappointed because it is so soft that the product is going everywhere and is already damaged. But I will try it and it is nice for them to give us a full size. Let’s be positive !


CIATE LONDON | Assorted colour pot in | £4.5

This is a nail polish brand I always wanted to try but as you may know it is very expensive so I usual always get back to Barry m or my trusty Essie. But the colour is very festive, a nice metallic silver and this tiny sample is so so cute. It’s quite a decent amount for a sample and the colour is very on point for the festive season.

BALANCE ME | Congested Skin Serum | £5.30

Again. I feel that I repeat myself a lot this month but I have never fell in love with Balance Me. I already got 4 different samples and I was always disappointed and very frustrated because I am basically not a fan of the smell to start with. I know it is stupid but it is a big selling point for me. But this time I am willing to try again. I have never got any type of skin problems but when I have a break out well, it is massive ! I don’t have anything like that at home so it is a very good surprise. Can’t wait to try it !

SKIN & CO| Sicilian Body Gem | £3.75

The smell is or of kind. Hard to explain but very nice. Some people get sick of getting shower gel but I love it. It’s the easiest way to try a brand and my husband can give it a go as well in the shower so it is a plus. Now I don’t know the brand but it is also made with olive extracts and it is so good for my skin. Not to mention that the sample is a generous size this time.


ROLOXIN | Lift instant skin smoothing mask | £???

I am always a bit annoyed when we get samples like that. It is a one time only sample and it is always so expensive to purchase afterward if you like it so I don’t know. It is one of the heating mask that you have to massage in your hands to activate whatever is inside so very nice. I will probably use it after a hard week at work to cleanse my skin.


Overall very Happy. I have now been with Birchbox for more than a year now and so far I have been more happy than disappointed. Of course some month are totally crap but it is hard to please every single woman with a £12 box and 5 different tiny samples.

Total Value of the box : £36.5