September Drugstore Make Up Wishlist

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Drugstore Make Up Wishlist

I couldn’t make just one Wishlist because otherwise it is not me, come on ! But seriously, I wanted to create that Wishlist because I realized that a lot of brands were coming up with a lot of new stuff for September so I thought I could do and 2 in 1 article. So let’s do a Wishlist and what’s new at the drugstore at the same time.

First thing first Maybelline is coming out with a small range of matte shades for fall and let’s be honest it is super duper cool. Apparently those formula are not as drying as a regular matte lipstick but I am still skeptical. I was always tempted because they are on an offer (buy one get second one half price) but the colors are frightening and not my style at all so I don’t know will see.

Sleek is also coming out with two new things, first a full range of tinted lip balm which are quite pigmented (Cough, big dupe for the Fresh sugar lip treatment) and also some liquid Highlighter which are pretty amazing (Cough, dupe for the Becca liquid highlighter). Prices are quite high for drugstore and no offer at the moment so I don’t know will see.

Barry M is also launching new blushes and colors for their nail varnish. Not going to lie I got myself the blush on the picture and the nail varnish so yes guilty. I love the blush so far, such a nice flush for an everyday look and that color of nail varnish is so cute and fresh, I got it on my nails right now and so sweet and perfect to finish summer.

Last but not least Collection is also launching a few new things but I already got my hands on that contour palette and trust me you NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE. Less than £3 easy to blend, highlighter is amazing and discret, in one word a drugstore gem. I will do a review soon, promise!

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed that little mix of Wishlist and what’s new at the drugstore because I was a bit overwhelmed lately, I needed to talk about all the make up that I saw to someone. Let’s call it a make up therapy. Keep your eyes peeled, reviews are coming in your way.




Barry M – Speedy Quick Dry Review


So recently Barry M came out with new formula and colors combo. This are the Speedy Quick dry, which means that it should dry really fast. I have two colors and once applied they are gorgeous and yes it does dry very fast, so fast that it is really hard to apply the second coat because it is already dry.

The colors of the collection are pastels and very even and opaque but you will need in some case 3 coats to get the actual color on the bottle but overall very happy and I can’t wait to get other colors. The quick dry has made my life easier!

The brush also it new, it’s flat and as far as I know it is the first time that Barry M use them. It works for me because I am a lazy person and manicures are not my strong suit, I tend to be very impatient and I always ruin my nails. Also I am messy so the flat brush make it perfect in one switch!

Price : £3.99



In a Heat beat

It is a beautiful Pastel coral, it don’t own a color like that at all. Usually coral colors tend do be very orange and glossy but this one is very pink and peachy I really like it. That is the perfect go to color for summer time. Can’t wait to rock a pastel wardrobe to go with that nail polish.


Road Rage

It is the first one I have bought and this is such a spring color. Perfect to do that transition between the cold weather and the upcoming warm days. I love the mutation of that color I personally call it the Tiffany Blue. Very me ! The downside is that this color needs at least 3 coats to look as opaque as you can see on the picture below.


Overall I give it a 10/10 because for the price as usual Barry M did a great job, they bring into the drugstore the high end quality so thanks and well done.