The Body Shop – Body Butter Coconut Review


The Body Shop – Body Butter Coconut

It took me while but I finally stepped into the Body shop and I got myself a body butter, I am proud of myself and ready to do a full review for you guys.

First let me give you some background. I do have a very dry skin and over the years it is not getting better which means that nowadays I do apply Body Lotion like crazy but my skin is so thirsty that it only takes few hours until it goes dry again. I need to carry around a small body lotion in my bag because after a while I have dry patches around my ankles and my feet and first it is not pretty and second I don’t feel comfortable. True story!

So I have tried everything and based upon many reviews and blogpost I have decide to give the Body Shop Body Butter a go.

I am not stupid though. I have realized that they do have a travel size for almost all of their body products so I got the £5 travel size one instead of the big £14 one. Why ? Because at the end if I don’t like it first it is a waste of money and second a waste of product and let’s be real, giving away skin care is gross. So travel size here we go at least I would not regret it.

Another big problem is choosing a scent because to be quite honest that is the mean problem when you enter in one of The Body Shop. I was really torn between Raspberry and Coconut and well Coconut won because in my mind coconut is way better for dry skin and well it smells like holidays.

But beware, the scent is not sweet. At first when I smelled it in the shop I loved it but once it is on your skin well it is very strong, you smell like a coconut curry. I got use to it and now I love it but if you are more on the sweet side go for a fruity scent, that is more safe but to me it is different and way more comforting that I gave it go, not everything have to been strong and sweet in cosmetics!

Now the texture. Same as the smell I wasn’t sure at the beginning because it is so so thick! When it says butter, it is butter. No joke! You don’t need a lot at all. But when you try it once you will never get back to your usual body lotion. When you have dry skin it is just heaven because it is sinking into the skin and it stays there for a very long time and you can feel it straight away. Even if it is butter it is not greasy so you can jump into your clothe straight away, so when you are in a hurry in the morning that is a very big plus.

I gave that cream a week of trial and I am convinced. I will definitely go back and get the full size one along with the raspberry one for a more sweet option or a scrub. They do offers constantly so you can get two body products for £18 and that is a good deal but same didn’t get it at first because I didn’t wanted to splurge my money on something I wasn’t sure. Overall I don’t need to carry around my body cream for touch up like an old lady anymore, my skin feels hydrated all the time and even if the travel size is smaller as you don’t need a big amount well you can use it for a long time.

My Note : 8/10

Why ? Because I ‘m still a bit off about the full size price and even if I love the not sweet scent now well it is very surprising the first few time you use it.

I highly recommend that product to every dry skin but try out a travel size first, it is safe and money saving.



Peachy Coral Mermaid Look | Nars & L’Oréal


Lately I am going on the discovery road, I love to play with make up and think out of the box and step very far from my comfort zone. Usually I am a bronze – brown color person so let me tell you that those colors are just not my typical color but summer tend to push me on the not so safe road so why not plus the result is just beautiful.

Stay tuned for a tutorial on my youtube channel if you want to see this eyeshadows in action.


Nars | Grenadine

This color is a love at first sight. Before that product I wasn’t familiar at all with Nars products and so far so good I am loving it. I got that eyeshadow at a bargain price in Tk Maxx and I am really happy with the quality.

Unfortunately Nars is not doing anymore that color so I am really sorry if you like the color but you can try your luck on amazon or eBay.

So the texture is really smooth and very pigmented so when you apply it you have to be light handed but once you have tamed that shadow you can do wonders. I mainly use it in my crease and blend it like crazy until I get that coral pink coral because you don’t blend it well you can easily look like you have done your make up in the dark. To balance the rich pigmentation I apply a very light and highlighting color under my eyebrow.


L’Oéal Lumière Mono Eyeshadow | Pin up Pink

My first thought when I saw that eyeshadow was “mermaid tail” and then I had that make up look in my head and I had t run back home to film a video.

The lumière mono eyeshadows collection from L’Oréal is just amazing. I own another color already and I have nothing negative to say about it. I can even say that the pigmentation and color could easily be a MAC quality product. The beauty of that product is the price of course and the fact that you don’t need to run into an expensive shop and speak to a sale assistant. It is drugstore baby!

The color is a peachy pink metalic with a lovely rose gold undertone and I love the fact that you can use dry or wet. Wet is gorgeous I have to take a picture at some point (I will post one on instagram) because it is stunning. It is not chalky or powdery and best of all : it last all day! You don’t even have to touch up, trust me I have put it to the test 3 times and same result so I am impressed.

As I said a tutorial is coming but in the mean time if you can at least get your hands on the l’Oréal well do it , you won’t regret it. Even if the Nars color is not available anymore just pair it with a nice brick color in the crease (with a pink undertone) and of course keep your eyes as bright as you can so no eyeliner or dark color and only one or two coat of mascara. Oh and play with a nice bronzer, highlighter and shimmery blush. That is how I imagine the make up look of a mermaid. Yes I am crazy, but I totally assume it!


#3 Make Up Bag Trilogy : My Travel Make Up Bag


Last blogpost of the Make Up Bag Trilogy and it is a special one. I am just going to talk about my tips and tricks, things I bring, how I organise it and of course the make up bag itself.

At the end make sure you play the video so you can see inside of that travel make up bag because I have also included my “lipstick make up bag” as a bonus.

 After few months on the hunt for the perfect travel make up well I was a bit upset because nothing didn’t suit me at all. But when we got those new shapes at work I was so thrilled. As I said in the previous post I had a big crush on the Anya Hindmarsh one but the price is too expensive for me but this Cath Kidston bag is pretty much the same concept for less money.

I love the fact that it is see through and there is 3 different compartments, so I can store my brushes and pencils safe separate from the rest. It is big but not too big and the pvc is going to make everything so much easier if something spills inside!

When I travel I do not travel light but I do make a list before and think about things I have to do or events I have to attend so I can picture what kind of make up I will need to do. Easy peasy ! Those holidays are a no brainer but you know me I like my make up on even if I am just going shopping with my Mum or dine with some friends.

I didn’t pack any foundation or palette, my naked 2 basics will be more than enough but I did pack a few shadows and bits and pieces. I do not carry 3 millions blushes or 4 different mascaras no. I pick a sample size of my favorites and I’ll try to make sure (in my head) that I am going to use it.

Also in terms of brushes just grab the one you use to most or the one that can be use on different part of your face, for exemple the blush brush I am packing can be use as a powder brush.

Overall I am not trying to pack just the essentials because I am a make up addict, it would be foolish but I am trying not look too cray cray. Just be simple and realistic because it is stupid to pack your whole make up collection if you are going on a chill out holidays time. My advice, just plan and make lists!

Now hit the play button of the video and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!