Christmas 2015 Wishlist

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Christmas 2015 Wishlist

It is that time of the year again, to be faire I love Christmas and this year I have decided to be more organized and that is why you are getting that Wishlist now. It is better to start early so you can save money and choose wisely. Not to mention that the more I am getting closer to Christmas the more I want to kill people. Seriously, Christmas shopping in London is hell on earth.

My hubby wanted to know my wishlist and he is right, he gave me his thoughts and I am going to work around that but truth to be told I always find ideas. Guys are always lost and need guidance so don’t be shy, use polyvore it is so much fun !

First you are probably wondering why there is a cat on the picture. We have been talking about getting one so often and even if the idea of having a kitten in a box underneath the tree  is cute (and creepy!) it is something we will probably do together and not as a surprise but hey it is more a “I am ready, let’s do it” than a “get me a cat, now!”.

For the geek in me I need a new diary for 2016 and I am in love with my moleskine, so I can’t wait to start a new one asap. Books are all about donuts and one about Madeleine. I got myself a donuts tin in France and now I want to try and make my own homemade donuts so a recipe book is appropriate. By the way stay tuned a video about that will come on my channel.

Christmas and Birthday always means Pandora for me, it is like a tradition. This year again, it is all about stars and why not this cute kitty face (wink wink).

The Dressing gown is a exemple, I know it is boring but I need one. Winter is going to be cold, I need to be cosy and fluffy. Not to mention that it is the kind of thing you don’t buy, you need someone to gift it to you.

On the Fossil side (it is like Pandora, a tradition) I got an early Christmas gift present from Dad (A gorgeous bag) so a new wallet would be great and this one is so small and cute perfect for me.

On the beauty side I have been so spoilt lately that it is not that I don’t need anything but I need to narrow down my priorities. I am so in love with my Too Faced chocolate bar palette that I need the new Semi sweet version, the colors are to die for. The Becca highlighter would be a blessing but I am sure he is going to panic and pick up the wrong one. Finally I need (still) a new bottle of my Chopard Perfume (Wish) and I hope it will be underneath the christmas tree.

Now give me your thoughts and don’t forget to share as well your Christmas wishlist, it is never too early. Love ya all.



November Wishlist, Make up & More

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November Wishlist

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Sleek solstice highlighter eye palette
Too Faced semi sweet chocolate palette
Too faced justify my love blush
Clinique Pop Lip Colour
Collection Blush palette
Cottage marshmallow shower cream
Dop madeleine shower cream


Ok so this month I am a little late but in my defense I have been busy getting ready for my holidays. Without further wait let’s get started with what I want this month.

First thing is that Highlighting palette from Sleek. I have the first one but they were all creamy, great but I am a powder person at the end. This one got 2 powder and 2 cream. The creamy one are thicker than the previous one and I love it and the price is under £10 so a bargain for 4 highlighters.

Let’s talk about the Clinique Pop lipstick. To be fair I just discovered it because I bought the latest issue of the magazine Glamour and it was given as a free sample. Got the color Cherry Pop and I am totally in love. It is pigmented, moisturizing and so easy to apply. I need more color in my life and tomorrow I am going crazy on duty free.

Now Too Faced is kind of a tradition when I go back home. I always go to Sephora and end up with too much things. This time I want two things. One of their new Polly Pocket look a like blush and the semi sweet chocolate bar palette. Need them in my life, especially the palette because I am exclusively using the first one so yeah.

It is not out yet but this blush palette from Collection looks fab. Under £5 with two blushes, one highlighter and one bronzer and so far I haven’t been disappointed so let’s do this.

Last but not least shower gel. I need to stock up on Cottage marshmallow and Dop Madeleine. Cult classic in France and now I am running out so I need to get myself some of it when I am away.

That is it, pretty small but still I can do it !


October Wishlist – Mash up

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This month I am a bit in a hurry, I am late for everything, so little time so much to do ! So I have decided to combine everything. I even through in the mix a lifestyle item (yes a candle, why not after all, I am in the mood !)

It is and I am not going to lie a wishlist made in the rush, of course I always wish for things but lately my brain is out of control and it is really hard to sit and organise myself. So I just took 5mn of time and decided what I really wanted to get and I came up with that really festive fall wishlist.

First I need plum colors in my life so I am on the hunt for every plum color lipstick, I already own a few and this Kiko one looks amazing and I am a die hard fan of their lip pencilS, trust me good quality and amazing price! Love it. Cheek wise, I am really poor and I need a new plum color to match my lips and there is nothing better than Nars so go go go Nars Seduction blush, can’t wait to hold you ad you to my collection.

Also I am a bit on the rogue side in terms of nails. I need to think outside the box and renew my classics, wait, what ? Plum ? Yes ! Amazing right, I never thought about plum on my nails before and that color is just wow. I am going on the hunt as soon as I can guys.

I also need a new perfume, mine is getting really empty but I am having a really hard time finding it and it is the Chopard “Wish”. It was introduced to me by Mom many years ago and this scent is my Mom. Can’t leave without it because I feel like my Mom is always close to me when I wear that perfume.

My closet is so empty it is a shame, I do really need to shop like big time but again so little time…I do need a new pair of slip on and I have my eyes on that pair of Vans for a long time but I haven’t had had the time to go shop because you can only get them in Vans shop and let’s face it I work and on my days off I am so busy…Life is hard lol

Last but not least when fall arrive I am crazy about candles, I’ve got a couple of new one but this one screams autumn. I love spicy candles at home during that time of the year because as soon as you burn them the whole room feels more cosy, warm and yummy. Yankee candles are amazing and very affordable for the burning time.

So that is it. Short, specific and useful (well almost). Now I need to find time, money and will because I am pretty tired and shopping apart from my laptop seems impossible lately. I hope it is enough for you, promise next month will be better.