Rose Apple Pie Recipe



I know it is that time of the year to actually get into Christmas cookies, gingerbread man or anything with cinnamon. But first I’ve already done that in the past then to me it is very fun, easy and festive.

You only need few ingredients, it takes between 5 and 10 minutes of preparation and honestly at the end it looks like you spent an 1h on it.

You can change the recipe to make it more Christmas like adding cinnamon or colouring your Apple all in red or adding some chocolate instead of jam. Whatever you do it is simple and amazing.

Ingredients :

– 2 apples
– 1 puff pastry
– 3 tbsp of apricot jam
– 6 tbsp of vanilla sugar
– 1 tbsp or butter
– 1 lemon
– icing sugar (for decoration)

Preheat your oven 15mn before at 180.

First you are going to cut your apples like you would normally do for an apple pie. Do not peel the apples, just wash the apples before and that is it. We need the colour of the skin to create that rose effect.

Once cut put your apples in a bowl with the lemon juice and add a table spoon of vanilla sugar.

Now you have two options, you can put it in the microwave for 1 mn or if you don’t have one (like me!) use a sauce pan. Just add a table spoon of butter and a bit of water. Leave it for 2-3 minutes until the apples are nice and glossy.

There comes the fun part. Take your puff pastry and divid it in 4 big slices. In a bowl mix your apricot jam with a bit of water and with a Pastry brush (or a spoon, that’s ok!) just put it all along every slice of your puff pastry.

Once it’s done you can place your apple slices all along one side of every slice. Make sure it is pop in out a little bit. Then add another table spoon of vanilla sugar all the way over your apples slices and roll over he other part of your puff pastry.

Take one side now and roll until you create the Rose. Make sure it is tight and secure and place it either in a cupcake pan (if you have one big enough) or a baking sheet on the top of a baking tray will be as good. Don’t forget to pour some vanilla sugar all over your roses before baking, that will add a nice golden and crispy texture.

If you want to go even more fancy you can take another pastry brush and mix an egg yog with a bit of water and put it all over your roses. Some people like it, other may hate it but I have tried both and both are great so it is worth mentioning. Your roses will be more golden and more puffy. Don’t forget your vanilla sugar on top, you still need it !

Bake it for 30 to 45 minutes slowly at 160, it depends on your oven. Once they are nice and golden it means that it is ok. Keep an eye, the slices of apples pop in out tend to burn quickly.




USA haul |Lipstick Review (Buxom, ELF & Bite Beauty)



USA haul | Lipstick Review (Buxom, ELF & Bite Beauty)

If you follow me on my youtube channel and instagram you probably came across my few hauls. My Mom did a little shopping for me in the US and she brought me back some lip products that I wanted to try for ages and it is time to give my final thoughts. Two are a Hit and one is a miss continue to read if you want to hear me about those 3 products.


ELF  | Matt Lip pencil | Neutral

I knew it but still I wanted to try it. With ELF it is easy because it is cheap and for most time good quality but this not such a success. The color is amazing but the quality is very drying, I can feel the product and it fades away in less than half an hour. I have tried everything, lip liner, pairing it with a lipstick or a gloss. Scrubbing, moisturizing with lip balm and nothing works. I have to admit that it is a fail but I am not disappointed because it was so cheap.



BITE BEAUTY |  Pigment pencil | Quince

Such a great discovery. It is a pricy brand so I am not going to lie, I would have banged my head into a wall if it hadn’t worked on me. But this is a crazy pigmented color but it doesn’t bleed everywhere and it stays on the lips like nothing else. You can apply it straight away and no joke, even sometimes without a mirror. The pencil is retractable so very clever and easy to maintain in terms of hygiene and I love the packaging which is a plus of course. I love the finish, moisturizing but not slippery, pigmented but not dry and somewhat with a matt effect at the end. I am convinced, I need more colors in my life.



BUXOM | Full – On Lip Cream | Creamsicle

It is not a secret, I love that brand. I was already in love with they basic lip glosses but now I am crazy on love. It is very opaque which is very rare nowadays. Lipgloss are so yesterday for some cosmetics brand but truth to be told I miss it. I have never been so in love with a lip product formula in my life. For the first time I can say that a gloss is comfortable to wear, not sticky and very pigmented. Crazy right, price are a bit pricy but totally worth it if you want my opinion. Last thing to mention is the scent, it is a minty lip gloss so yes you will get tickles when you apply but it is for the best because the main “big thing” of that company is that all of their formula makes your lips look bigger. Love it to bits!



November Birchbox 2015 | Skinny Dip Collab’


BIRCHBOX | Skinny Dip Collab’ | November 2015

I know it is very late to do my November review but I just received it 2 days ago. I want to mention again that if you go on holidays or you know you won’t be there you can always contact them. Instead of sending it with the first batch they have waited until I got back so it is a very good customer service.

Although I have to say that I didn’t receive any email that my box was sent and now I cannot even redeem my points by doing reviews but I have send an email and I am pretty sure I will receive an answer today or tomorrow.

Anyway back to this month box. I have to say that I am not very thrilled. The box is very cute, the Skinny Dip design is awesome and I will keep it for sure to store things. But I am not “Wowed” by the actual samples. Not enough discovery and very small in size but not the worse trust me the “Habitat” Collab was way worse than that.


SO SUSAN | Featherlash Mascara | £18

I was so please to get a full size mascara. I know that there is a subscription box with the same name and I was really curious. The price is quite expensive so I guess it is one of the in between luxury brand in terms of price. The wand is not my favourite (not curved) but very black so it is always nice to try new mascara.

TRILOGY | make up be gone cleansing balm | £2.40

I am a bit perplex on that one. I checked the description and how to use it but still. It is very rich and the texture very waxy. I have never used a make up remover like that but I will give it a go. I only heard good feedback on the brand so why not.

LORD & BERRY | Silhouette lip liner | £4.5

I am not originally a big fan of the brand. It is for me expensive for what it is and doesn’t really work for me but I already gave it a try with a red lipstick and that lip liner is made to stop your lipstick from bleeding and I have to say that it works so, good discovery.

DELAROM | Creme acquaconfort | £3.40

Never heard of that brand but I am always welcoming with open arms any rejuvenating products. It doesn’t say if you have to use it day or night but I will probably include it in my night routine to give my skin that boost of moisture that I am always in need. It is made with almond, apricot oils and vitamin E so very nourishing.

BEAUTY PROTECTOR | Beauty cream body lotion | £2

At first I thought it was the shower gel that I have already received but nope this time it is the body lotion. I love that brand and I am always happy to receive their products, I have almost the entire collection in samples so can’t wait to try out the lotion. All their products are great so far.

THUMBS UP | Rosa nail wraps | £6.99

Those nail wraps are an extra in that box but I am not going to lie it is not my cup of tea. I love the idea though and will give it away but it is not for me. This is a full size product by the way.


Overall I feel a bit weird about that box. I don’t get the collaboration apart from the design of the box and I feel that this time the samples were tiny. There was still plenty of space in the box. I really like 3 products out of 6. So I guess it is not a bad box, but not a great one at the same time. Now let’s hope the Christmas edition this year will be amazing.